Our Story

Hello Cheemys,

I have always been extremely conscious about where the food I eat comes from. I wanted my family and I to eat right. I started studying more on this topic and connected on a personal level with the simple concept "We all need good food to survive till the end of humanity". But food shortage was unavoidable and a nourishing food future seemed like a dream to me. I wanted to take action.

More interest in this subject led me to learn about the current food crisis let alone the predicted future.

I wanted to create a lasting difference. Donating some money from my first salary to a charity or visiting an orphanage just on my birthday or anniversary etc wasn't good enough for me. I wanted to have a bigger impact which requires bigger ideas or bigger funds. Coming from a normal Indian middle class family I couldn't afford to write huge checks or make huge donations. The only thing I had was the drive to make a difference and my hard work and self belief. So as my first option I considered starting an NGO thats works towards eradicating hunger. But that would again put me in a spot to depend on External Individual Donations or Government Grants. That is when the idea of a FOR PURPOSE business struck me. I would start a socially conscious fair-trade sustainable business offering eco-friendly utility goods not with the motive of making money but with the motive of making a difference.

Thats how Cheemy.in was born.

To ensure that I was not financially dependent on Cheemy.in I decided to continue working as a Software Engineer. I knew it would take a lot of effort from my side to manage both. But I decided hard work was the best thing I can give to see my goal achieved.

Many may wonder what the word Cheemy means. Cheemy means "ant" in the Kannada language. Ants are hard-working and one of the best examples of building something of value as a community. That is what Cheemy.in is all about. Making a difference together, one conscious purchase at a time. This brand is a dedication to my loving brother who also goes by the same pet name Cheemy.

Cheemy.in is much more than a brand to me. Its a movement to help create a conscious food habit and a nourishing food future for all. I am so glad that Cheemy.in will be able to consistently contribute towards achieving the UN Global Goal 2 of Zero Hunger.

- Priyanka Ramesh, Founder