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Malnutrition in India – A Case Study

Introduction India, the second-highest populated country in the world, is a land of complete contrasts. As per a survey, 22% of people in India live below the poverty line where at the same time, 84 of the world’s billionaires live in India.  More than 50% of the country’s wealth is owned by 1% of people, and even though being the second largest food producer in the world, India is home to the maximum number of malnourished children in the world, and the second-highest undernourished people in the world (as per FAO 2015).  The effects of malnourishment are irreversible in young children and it can lead to permanent disabilities of the children if not addressed promptly.  Malnutrition – A Major Global...

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Hunger – A Global Crisis

Currently, the world consists of around 7.7 billion people, out of which 925 million or 13.2% of the entire world's population experience hunger, 98% of whom live in developing countries. Approximately 2 billion people suffer from dietary imbalances or micronutrient deficiencies, which some researchers have named "hidden hunger". 212 Million People suffer from undernourishment in Africa alone. The enormity of this crisis is so huge and hard to imagine; The researchers at Cornell University added more to this definition saying hunger is an inability to consume an adequate quantity of food in socially acceptable ways (For example, not resorting to emergency food supplies or stealing & hunting food.)

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